Collaboration and Innovation have been Zhongliang’s core Values for over 20 years during the course of our work in designing and manufacturing heating and plumbing system.

The Company was founded in 1998 and has developed over time to become a professional manufacturer of components for heating,  plumbing and renewable energy systems.

Zhongliang  focuses on collaboration with customer and delivers the highest quality products and service to them.

Zhongliang  Capacity for innovation stems for the continuous research by Which we aim to anticipate demand and maximise efficiency.

Thanks to the advanced processes and technology we use in manufacturing we can offer a vast range of high quality products and services, as well as reliability. In everything we do, we always do our best to meet each and every demand to the fullest.


Zhongliang are committed to meeting the highest quality standards without compromising our safety culture.


At our company, we respect the customer’s time and schedule and always complete the projects on timely fashion way.


As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience you can bet on us to get the job done exactly.


To design and manufacture advanced hydronic solutions that reduce installation complexity and energy consumption, grow with our customers together.

To make life easier for our clients, our clients’ customers and our employees, thanks to our ability to be constantly innovative.



  • 1998

    Zhongliang was founded and the valve industry set saill

  • 2002

    Zhongliang Brass was established, dedicated to the research and development of heating control systems, and successfully developed HVAC products

  • 2003

    We Start Dealing with European Customer at meantime We got CE CertificateISO9001, ISO14000

  • 2014

    ERP System been operated to ensure Products traceability

  • 2015

    Approved. ACS. AENOR DVGW. Certificate

  • 2016

    Bulit The New Factory

  • 2017

    Award Zhejiang Hlgh-Tech Enterprises

  • 2018

    Zhongliang Fluid Intelliqence Holding Co.. Ltd was formally renamed after the successful share reform of Zhongliang


    Zhongliang will continue to develop green energy-saving products to provide customers with high-quality products and services



Raw materials
Raw materials ICON

Raw materials

Moulding ICON


Hot moulding enables the modelling of raw materials.  produce the components of our products.

Mechanical processing
Mechanical processing ICON

Mechanical processing

The Transfer machines department, fully automated with anthropomorphic robots, is the result of a continuous technological innovation. Our advanced machines are able to perform multi-sided machining and CNC machines.

Assembly ICON


The assembly line is equipped with the most modern, automated robots. Our highly qualified technicians check all the production process to guarantee a uniquemanufactured product.

Quality control
Quality control ICON

Quality control

We have testing machine for different products,Our team of qualified technicians scrupulously checks every step of the production process, without neglecting any detail, in order to guarantee the customer the highest quality of product performance.